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The famous La Pagode cinema in the 7th arrondissement will re-open in three years. An investor from New York has promised the funds needed to turn around the venue that has lain dormant since 2015. The Rue de Babylone (XII) is home to the famous cinema that has been sorely missed by locals since it […]

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Market figures released by Guy Hoquet for the third quarter show a slow in the property market nationwide. What are their predictions for the fourth quarter? Summer is traditionally a more quiet period for the French property market, though low rates and government help-to-buy schemes has ensured a bucking of that particular trend this year.  Figures […]

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Here what our clients have to say about us: “Our experience with was excellent. From the very first email and phone calls to the actual visit to to find an apartment to buy, Kathryn and Jennifer were extremely attentive and responsive and helped us every step of the way.  They made […]

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In the coming years, ’ ambitious modernist architecture is going to rub up against its existing Haussmannian heritage, to the chagrin of the nostalgiacs and the delight of the modernists. Here are the four provoking the most fervent debate. The Triangle Tower This 180-m tall skyscraper in the form of a pyramid was first presented […]

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As part of a ‘reinventing the metropolis’ competition, proposals to re-purpose and renovate 51 unused sites in the suburbs have been chosen and will now undergo planning permission. “This was the most large-scale architectural and urbanism competition of its kind in Europe”, declared Patrick Ollier, the president of the Metropole du Grand , the […]

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A riverside apartment on the third floor of a Hotel Particulier has sold for almost 50,000 euros per square meter, something estate agents are calling a historic record for the city.  Estate agency Philippe Menager and Nicolas Hung oversaw the sale of the 256 m2 apartment on the banks of the Seine, which fetched 12.56 million euros, […]

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The French government believes that proposed reforms to the wealth tax which will mean 3.2 billion less in revenue. The boon to the wealthy will see wealth tax levied only on real estate holdings and not on other investments, provoking fervent debate in the country. They estimate that the IFI (impot sur la fortune immobiliere), […]

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 luxury property prices compared worldwide ➤

How does compare to other global hubs when it comes to luxury property prices, cost of renting and demand for property? Recent figures reveal all. Renting with a $1,500 monthly budget Figures from global rentals website Rentcafe show that comes out less expensive than New York, London, San Francisco and Zurich, and only […]

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Law of unintended consequences? ➤ real estate market update •PPG

The market has cooled a bit from the extreme frenzy we saw in Spring 2017, where buyers desperate to take advantage of the extremely low interest rates generated near record volumes and price increases of 6.6% so far this year in .  The slight increase in interest rates does not seem to have harmed the […]

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The Chateau de Blancafort, built in 1453, is being put up for auction. The starting price is one euro, without reserve. For a price that will be determined on October 19, the 2100 m2 Chateau de Blancafort and its 42 acres of private grounds will be awarded to the winning buyer. Six bedrooms, several guestrooms, […]

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