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The market has cooled a bit from the extreme frenzy we saw in Spring 2017, where buyers desperate to take advantage of the extremely low interest rates generated near record volumes and price increases of 6.6% so far this year in .  The slight increase in interest rates does not seem to have harmed the […]

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The Chateau de Blancafort, built in 1453, is being put up for auction. The starting price is one euro, without reserve. For a price that will be determined on October 19, the 2100 m2 Chateau de Blancafort and its 42 acres of private grounds will be awarded to the winning buyer. Six bedrooms, several guestrooms, […]

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April to June saw 20% more property transactions in the capital region than in the same period last year, as revealed in the Notaires second quarter report published last week. Activity is accelerating in the suburbs and decelerating in . The report, which covers the months of April, May and June, also reveals that at […]

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Everyone from city planners to ordinary homeowners in are rubbing their hands together with glee at the opportunities the event in seven years will provide.  “It’s nothing more than a formality,” wrote one commentator on the news that Los Angeles had pulled out of the race to host the 2024 Olympics. All that remains is for the […]

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A recent survey found that a majority in France choose property as an investment, ahead of stocks and other assets.  Opinionway, a French polling organisation, asked people in France what investment options they were most likely to choose, yielding results that confirmed the number one position property has achieved in recent years. As France’s property […]

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7 common mistakes while buying

These tips can mean the difference between you finding and successfully negotiating the purchase of your new pied-a-terre in , or you looking endlessly, but never landing that “perfect place”. Foreign real estate markets can be a scary place: different laws, potentially unscrupulous sellers, binding transactions taking place in another language. But avoiding these seven […]

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The measure discussed earlier in the year will enter into force on December 1. Anyone wishing to rent their apartment on short-term rental site Airbnb will have to register with local authorities to do so. 

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The Council recently voted in favour of a quadrupling of the surcharge on the taxe d’habitation for unoccupied homes in the city. If voted into law by the National Assembly, this would take it from 60% to 250%, adding several hundred or even thousands of euros to property owners’ tax bills. 

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