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The outlook is very positive for ’ 2018’s property market, but as usual there are major changes to the laws affecting real estate. The following regulatory changes and tax reforms affecting property are important to know about. The end of the wealth tax in its current form At the end of November the National Assembly […]

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has no multiple listing service (MLS) and what some might call an “every agent for himself” mentality. It can therefore be challenging to find an agent you can count on to work hard and represent your interests. Historically property sellers have given their listing to multiple agencies to ensure they reach the most buyers, […]

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The last few weeks have seen several high-profile announcements indicating has much to gain from the Brexit process. Financial institutions are ramping up plans to move workers to the French capital.  Its been a constant theme ever since June 23 last year: how much can take advantage of Brexit uncertainty to pinch business […]

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It was only in 2011 that the French Notaires started making public their data on property in France. And this year, individual transaction prices have become more easily accessible: but beware of data without interpretation. Unlike the US and the UK, France has no Multiple Listings Service (MLS). The taboo around talking about the value […]

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Market figures released by Guy Hoquet for the third quarter show a slow in the property market nationwide. What are their predictions for the fourth quarter? Summer is traditionally a more quiet period for the French property market, though low rates and government help-to-buy schemes has ensured a bucking of that particular trend this year.  Figures […]

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Law of unintended consequences? ➤ real estate market update •PPG

The market has cooled a bit from the extreme frenzy we saw in Spring 2017, where buyers desperate to take advantage of the extremely low interest rates generated near record volumes and price increases of 6.6% so far this year in .  The slight increase in interest rates does not seem to have harmed the […]

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In the current issue of International Banker magazine: ’s Miranda Bothe  gives her insights into the eternal draw of and why savvy investors view it as an affordable luxury that provides lasting value. Affordable luxury in the City of Lights is the perfect location for a European pied-à-terre: centrally located as a […]

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Everyone from city planners to ordinary homeowners in are rubbing their hands together with glee at the opportunities the event in seven years will provide.  “It’s nothing more than a formality,” wrote one commentator on the news that Los Angeles had pulled out of the race to host the 2024 Olympics. All that remains is for the […]

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7 common mistakes while buying

These tips can mean the difference between you finding and successfully negotiating the purchase of your new pied-a-terre in , or you looking endlessly, but never landing that “perfect place”. Foreign real estate markets can be a scary place: different laws, potentially unscrupulous sellers, binding transactions taking place in another language. But avoiding these seven […]

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A study looked at the difference in price between the different floors of a typical apartment block, both with and without a lift. The results are surprising. 

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