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has a wealth of vacant office property, with some estimating up to 800,000 m2 sits empty. One developer seized the initiative to create a new luxury hotel in a prime location.  Le ter was inaugurated in October and is the French capital’s latest five star hotel, adding to an already impressive roster. Lying in the […]

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The famous La Pagode cinema in the 7th arrondissement will re-open in three years. An investor from New York has promised the funds needed to turn around the venue that has lain dormant since 2015. The Rue de Babylone (XII) is home to the famous cinema that has been sorely missed by locals since it […]

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As part of a ‘reinventing the metropolis’ competition, proposals to re-purpose and renovate 51 unused sites in the suburbs have been chosen and will now undergo planning permission. “This was the most large-scale architectural and urbanism competition of its kind in Europe”, declared Patrick Ollier, the president of the Metropole du Grand , the […]

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The Chateau de Blancafort, built in 1453, is being put up for auction. The starting price is one euro, without reserve. For a price that will be determined on October 19, the 2100 m2 Chateau de Blancafort and its 42 acres of private grounds will be awarded to the winning buyer. Six bedrooms, several guestrooms, […]

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A study has found that in the last 13 years, 75% of the city’s sparrow population has disappeared. Beloved by locals, what has happened to them and how can the decline be reversed? Between 2003 and 2016, three-quarters of sparrows – moineau in French – have disappeared. This is according to a study commissioned by […]

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The Tour Wood’up, which will be 50 metres tall and house 105 apartments in the 13th arrondissement, will debut in 2021.  The development, brought forward by property developers REI Habitat, was proclaimed one of 12 winning entries to the national competition launched by AdivBois, the foremost Quango that pushes for the use of wood in […]

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It claims to offer the best views of , and many locals agree: it is the only one where where the tower itself doesn’t blight the view. The Tour Montparnasse, which was built to such negative reception that skyscrapers were subsequently outlawed within the city walls, has hurt the views of southern for 44 […]

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Piscine des Amiraux reopens after 2 years of renovation

The Piscine des Amiraux, made famous by the 2001 French film Amelie, is to re-open after a two-year renovation process.  The art deco pool lies on the rue Herman-Lachapelle in the 18th arrondissement and has been classed as a historic monument since 1993. It was built in the 1930s and designed by Henri Sauvage, one of the […]

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UNESCO heritage status for  rooftops

For the last few years, there have been calls for ’ iconic zinc rooftops to be given UNESCO heritage status, protecting their long-term future. Although several important political figures wholeheartedly back the proposal, the mayor is not one of them.  Some 500 roofers work in the capital, maintaining and replacing the zinc slates that cover […]

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Everyone from city planners to ordinary homeowners in are rubbing their hands together with glee at the opportunities the event in seven years will provide.  “It’s nothing more than a formality,” wrote one commentator on the news that Los Angeles had pulled out of the race to host the 2024 Olympics. All that remains is for the […]

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