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How will Brexit influence European housing prices?

In a recent round up on how Brexit is expected to influence European housing prices, ’s Miranda Bothe shared her thoughts with , “Recently we’ve seen announcements from HSBC, Bank of America and financial institutions from the Middle East confirming they are making plans to move workers to in lieu of London. The significance of this for European property prices, especially the real estate market, is obvious and welcome news.  These financial institutions are among a number of firms making plans to move thousands of workers to .

Adding that to the planned development of seven new skyscrapers in the La Defense business district, the massive expansion of the metro system to form a ‘Greater ’ metropolitan area, and upgrades to infrastructure being developed for the upcoming 2024 Olympics, and we have the perfect storm for an expansive period of growth for .  Already prices are rising in the suburban areas which will benefit from the new metro lines, with a lot of new construction housing in the works.  Luxury property in the historic center of is also likely to benefit from the increasing number of high income professionals vying for housing.”

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