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Piscine des Amiraux reopens after 2 years of renovation

Art Deco Swimming Pool in ’ 18th will open after two-year renovation

The Piscine des Amiraux, made famous by the 2001 French film Amelie, is to re-open after a two-year renovation process. 

The art deco pool lies on the rue Herman-Lachapelle in the 18th arrondissement and has been classed as a historic monument since 1993. It was built in the 1930s and designed by Henri Sauvage, one of the most important figures in French architecture of the 20th century.

It sits in the heart of an art deco apartment building which was built with the intention of having a public space in the middle of it. Since 2015 that public space has been a construction site, pictured below, in an effort to return it to its former glory after years of dilapidation.

Image result for piscine amiraux


Francois Chatillon, national Chief Architect of Historic Monuments, has overseen the renovation works which will conclude with a grand opening at the end of the month. In France, they value historic monuments and it did not come cheap: €10 million will have been spent by the time all is said and done. The cost is high because it was actually destroyed and then rebuilt, as Anne Hidalgo recently explained.

“The pool had too many significant structural degradations for us to renovate,” the mayor said. “Further damage done in the process would have been irreversible.”

Image result for piscine amiraux

Piscine Amiraux building © toric

The pool will add to ’ already impressive roster of aesthetically pleasing swimming pools. The Piscine Pontoise in the Latin Quarter (5th), another art deco structure, has late night openings with fluorescent lights and ambient music. The Piscine Pailleron in the 19th near the Buttes-Chaumont is another pool renowned for its interior architecture.

Title image © Canal Architecture

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